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How to back up data?

You can find many tools and software to back up your data and even your disks. I suggest to create a backup copy of your C drive (or System Drive) immediately after you finish installing windows and all other required drivers and applications. Specifically speaking, install windows, install your display driver, sound card driver, modem driver, printer driver (if you have printer), scanner driver (if you have), and the driver of any other devices you might have, install Office System (I assume you use Microsoft Software MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, MS-Publisher, MS-Outlook and so on), then install Antivirus Software (I prefer AVG due to its easiness and effectiveness). After you find your computer ready to do anything then backup your system drive.

Among many tools (ghosts) to backup your drive I prefer 'Snapshoot', you might differ me, and you are free to do so. I like Snapshoot because it is small enough to carry, easy to operate and perfect when recovering. You can get a copy of Snapshot for free here.

Find your snapshoot where you have copied. Double click the icon to run the application. then, choose Backup Disk To File

Then Choose the drive you want to back up. If you have installed Windows in C drive, at that time choose C drive. Then Click Next.

Now, choose the target drive and filename, for that click the browse button and choose your drive, directory and type file name. You can choose to provide password so that in the time of recovery the password should be provided. Now click 'Start Copy' button.

It will take some time. Don't click Abort, it will cancel the saving process. After finishing copying click 'OK' button to close.

Now if you go to the destination drive and directory you will find there 1, 2 or many (depending upon the size of your drive and the amount of used space in that drive) files with .SNA, .SN1, .SN2 extensions. These files are the backup copy of your drive. Keep these files safely. You can copy these files in a CD or another Hard Disk and any other device where it fits.

Now onwards whatever you do to your C-Drive, ever if any problems occur, you can just restore your C-Drive by these files and again get your drive fresh installed up to that backup time.


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