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Edited on : 01/15/2007

Required Devices

Before starting to install be ready with the following devices.

Primary Devices

1.       VGA Card or Graphics Card

To plug in any device into a CPU you requre a port available. In a CPU there is a single port for a monitor to plug in if the mother board contains built-in VGA card. Now you need to obtain as many VGA cards as you want the stations to add. for example if you want to add 3 other additional stations in a computer then buy 3 other VGA cards. Any type of VGA card that can support the Windows’ multiple desktop feature can be applied here. but I prefer ATI Rage or Raidon cards becuase I have worked with these cards and never found any problems.

The cost of 1 VGA card varies depending upon type and market. In Kathmandu you can find an 32 MB ATI Raidon card in around 1500 NRs.

2.       USB to PS2 keyboard mouse splitters


This is a very useful converter device. You can plug in a keyboard and a mouse into a single USB port. If you are applying USB keyboard and USB mouse then this converter is not needed. But comparing price the converter is still cheaper.

The cost of 1 converter in Kathmandu is around 180 to 200 NRs.

These two devices are sufficient to add a simple station. following are some other devices useful in different situations.


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