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Edited on : 01/15/2007

Required Software

Following software packages are required for this system to implement.

1.       Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/XP SP2

If your computer fresh, you might need to install operating system. I prefer Windows XP SP2 to implement. When preparing your hard disk, it is better to format drive C with NTFS format and other drives (at least one) in FAT32 format. Drive C in NTFS format because it lets you make files and folders of one user invisible to other user. I suggest at least one drive in FAT32 format because it is easier to access in case of system crash and recover the sytem. You can boot your computer with floppy, pen drive or CD and access that drive easily.


2.       Share CPU System Software

This is a small software that configures windows and copies a few dll files to share and allocate your computer resources to multiple stations. This can be freely downloaded on net or from this site itself.

Respecting lots of responses we have managed to provide the all the required software for free for anyone who is interested in sharing cpu.

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