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Protect your computer from accidental data loss

This article is created to suggest the computer users about protecting their computers to reduce the down time. Because of the unawareness of users they are facing unnecessary problems and their computers gone for repair hampering their tasks. Following are some good suggestions practically very useful and technically very easy. You need no computer technicians till your computer hardware fail.

  1. Backup your data and disk

  2. Install Antivirus Software (Not compulsory if you prefer to freeze)

  3. Freeze (Lock) your System Drive and if required other drives as well

Backup your data

It is always good idea to backup your data. In any time if your software is corrupt or your windows could not start, and had to erase and rewrite in your hard disk, you'll be safe. All other software might be restored but once your data is gone then there is very little chance to get them back when you have not backed up them.

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